Epilepsy Surgery Evaluation

Cook Children’s epileptologist, Cynthia Keator, M.D. discusses epilepsy surgery which is considered at any age when patients do not respond after trying multiple seizure medications. The best candidates have seizures that occur in a single region of the brain, where there is minimal risk for surgery impacting vision, speech or memory. We invite you to … Continue reading Epilepsy Surgery Evaluation

Collaborating to Improve Pediatric Epilepsy Surgery

Intractable epilepsy (failure to achieve seizure freedom after trials of two appropriate chosen and dosed antiepileptic drugs) has profound impact on quality of life, psychosocial function, cognitive function, and mortality risk1. For these patients, surgical therapy, consisting of localization and subsequent resection/ablation of the epileptogenic zone can result in favorable seizure reduction and for many, … Continue reading Collaborating to Improve Pediatric Epilepsy Surgery