Infantile Spasms – Primary Steps for Primary Care

A type of severe seizure, infantile spasms require urgent evaluation and treatment. Unfortunately, the diagnosis of infantile spasms is too often delayed because they may be subtle, go unrecognized, or be misdiagnosed as some other less serious condition (i.e., reflux). When associated with an electroencephalography (EEG) pattern of hypsarrhythmia (Figure 1), this is known as … Continue reading Infantile Spasms – Primary Steps for Primary Care

Epilepsy Surgery Evaluation

Cook Children’s epileptologist, Cynthia Keator, M.D. discusses epilepsy surgery which is considered at any age when patients do not respond after trying multiple seizure medications. The best candidates have seizures that occur in a single region of the brain, where there is minimal risk for surgery impacting vision, speech or memory. We invite you to … Continue reading Epilepsy Surgery Evaluation

What is SUDEP?

Although this subject can be a difficult one, Dr. Saleem Malik discusses SUDEP (sudden unexpected death in epilepsy), which occurs when patients with seizures pass away suddenly and no other cause of death can be found. We recommend watching this video to learn about the risk factors for epilepsy patients and the precautions that may … Continue reading What is SUDEP?

What is Video EEG?

What is a Video EEG? Dr. Cynthia G. Keator, M.D., discusses what Video EEG does and how it’s changing the landscape for what we know and don’t know about epilepsy. Video EEGs help doctors see the physical characteristics of a seizure while reading the brain activity on EEG. This helps to diagnose the specific type … Continue reading What is Video EEG?

Improving Seizure-Free Outcomes

Improving seizure-free outcomes … without spending a dime. What would you say if someone told you seizure-free outcomes following epilepsy surgery could be improved by almost 100 percent simply by downloading some free software? That is exactly what the Cook Children’s Comprehensive Epilepsy Program team did when they instituted the use of multimodal coregistered imaging … Continue reading Improving Seizure-Free Outcomes